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Client Raves
"First EVER waxing and first ever Brazilian bikini wax and I am extremely happy with the experience and with the results. I came on Groupon, but I will soon be coming in again as a regular.  Kelly is amazing! She made it very comfortable and has painless as possible for me. I am certain had I gone anywhere else, they wouldn't have considered my anxiety of getting waxed for the first time.  Her place is extremely clean. I was greeted with a beverage which was pleasant. She doesn't double dip the wax, she has this super comfortable table that has a light aromatherapy to it which I loved. Kelly also has all these extra oils and ointments that left me with an amazing looking bikini area. I had no rashes, or bumps or missing spots... I was simply flawless the rest of the day.  What I also loved is how knowledgeable and informative Kelly is regarding hair growth and the waxing technique. It put my mind at ease that I was under the care of an experienced master esthetician.

HUGE TIP... she's super popular so book way in advanced ESPECIALLY for holidays. I booked a month prior for a before memorial day weekend appointment and there were only 2 spots left. So highly recommend for holidays about 2 months in advanced for major holidays and maybe 2-3 weeks in advanced for non-holiday days. Which will work to your advantage so you can grow it out down there anyway prior lol. THANKS AGAIN KELLY!"
San Diego, CA
"Ever dream of your waxing appointment? It might be possible if you visit Kelly at Brazil Appeal Waxing! The claims of painless service is true and the professionalism is above and beyond. I don't go for a visit often, but know I couldn't go any where else and get such excellent service! Let's face it, getting waxed requires trust in your esthetician and their ability to give you great service...she DOES! I am going to recommend her to all my friends! She's that good!"
San Diego, CA
"Kelly is the best! I've been to several different places in several different states and she hands down is amazing!"
Spring Valley, CA
"This was my first time getting a Brazilian wax ever and Kelly made me feel so at ease.  She explained her method and answered all of my questions.  The environment was very comfortable and relaxing.  I would definitely use her services again."
Glendale, CA
"Today was my first (first of what will be MANY!) visits to Brazil Appeal...and I have just one word to sum up my experience AND Kelly -- awesome!  I'm a complete waxing newbie and total chicken (well, I WAS a total chicken, but no more!). I was pretty apprehensive going in after talking to some other places and doing internet research. Now as I sit here writing this review I honestly can't wait to go back! I already have two appointments scheduled!  Kelly is gentle, caring and so compassionate. Plus she explains everything along the way...and keeps all of her waxing area ULTRA clean! Everything about Brazil Appeal is awesome...from the peaceful atmosphere, to the wonderful lavender scent, the oils and soothing lotions, and of course, Kelly herself. Do yourself a HUGE favor and check out Brazil Appeal Waxing -- you will LOVE it!"
Seattle, WA
"I was really nervous in going back to a waxing salon after the horrific painful experience I had twice before, but summertime is coming and us girls need to work hard to look our best so I searched online like crazy and came across Brazil Appeal on Yelp and Kelly's website.  Her website was soooo detailed and explained everything you could imagine about the art of waxing which made me much more comfortable and willing to try again.  It was very clean inside and smelled amazing with all of her candles and lovely scents that filled the room.  She made great small talk to help me get through it and was very informative of every step through the process.  See you next month, Kelly!"
North Hollywood, CA
"Just when you thought it couldn't get better...Heated table!  This felt like Heaven.  I felt more relaxed here than when I had my first joke. 
San Diego, CA
"I found that other estheticians I've used for Brazilians painfully pulled and cared little for what I was feeling.  Rather, the mentality was that a quick and painful method would bring in more daily visits translating into more money.  Kelly, on the other hand, was a complete surprise.  Not only is it virtually painless, but her method gets to the root and therefore my hair growth is slower.  So while her method may take a bit longer and I pay more per visit, I don't have the pain and discomfort every 3 - 4 weeks.  I look forward to my Brazilians rather than contem-plating the pain before it happens!"
New York, NY
"I purchased the Yelp deal and got my first waxing today from Kelly and she has made me a believer that Brazilians don't have to be painful. I have been getting Brazilians for over 5 yrs with another lady but am now a fan of Kelly's method and wax! Besides a couple tugs in my most sensitive areas it was mostly painless. Once I was laying on my back it was hard not to fall asleep. She does a great job of making you feel comfortable, sanitizes, preps the skin, does not double dip, and explains what she is doing. Kelly is very professional, knowledgeable, honest, and friendly. She makes her business successful by her expertise and customer service and worth every penny. My kitty looks, feels, and smells so pretty thanks to Kelly and I will be back to see her again for all my waxing needs. I hugged my boyfriend when I got back home and he said I smelled so good, like cinnamon. I told him it's lavender but then again what do they know about scents. Ha ha!"
San Diego, CA
"A virtually painless Brazilian?! I never thought it would be possible... until I met Kelly! She's wonderful and I've never felt so relaxed while getting waxed down there until I went to Brazil Appeal Waxing. It actually felt therapeutic, haha. The room felt like a spa when I walked in and it smelled like lavender Heaven! Even the pillow was infused with lavender.  I could've fallen asleep. It was THAT comfortable.  I've had very painful waxes done at different places and this time I think I've finally found the perfect place for me. Kelly is extremely professional and you can tell that she takes pride in what she does. She took her time in explaining the quality of the wax she uses and why it was basically painless. I really appreciated that she was honest and was very assuring about the whole process. Now, c'mon, you're getting a wax so there's got to be some kind of pain.. but this was as painless as it can get. Truly.  I'm so proud to refer Kelly to friends and family for waxing. She encompasses a level of professionalism and dedication to her clients that's hard to find elsewhere.  I can't wait to go back for my next appointment!"
San Marcos, CA
"I have gotten waxed at different places and none of them compare to Brazil Appeal Waxing and it's painless too. I have super sensitive skin and never once have I flinched in pain or got those horrid bumps after a waxing. Kelly the owner is very friendly and makes you feel comfortable. I'm always relaxed once I leave her place and I didn't even get a massage. If you want a spa feel, please check out Kelly at Brazil Appeal Waxing. You won't regret it."
Santee, CA
"Purchased a Groupon for a Brazilian wax here and am very happy with my experience. Kelly made the process easy and as painless as possible. Of course it did hurt in certain areas, but this is by far the least painful Brazilian wax I've ever had.  The bed/table that you lie on is so comfortable (memory foam), and the one thing I noticed here is the cleanliness of everything. Kelly never used the same stick twice, and the entire area was spotless. I also liked that she applied an oil to my skin, explaining that the wax will spread over the oil and pull out only the hair and not the skin. This is the reason is doesn't hurt as much (and also because she's very talented). Highly recommend, but just make sure to book in advance."
San Diego, CA
"Kelly of Brazil Appeal Waxing provides the best waxing service I have ever experienced, hands down.  She not only lives up to her promises as being particularly painless, but it is extremely clean and professional.  She never double-dips and the wax she uses is very high quality.  I especially appreciate her service now that I am pregnant.  I can't imagine going to see anybody else for Brazilian waxing.  I trust her experience and appreciate her high standards in waxing.  The fact I can receive a painless waxing from her during this pregnancy is priceless.  She gets five stars from me.  Thanks, Kelly!"
San Diego, CA
"I was introduced to Brazil Appeal Waxing through the Yelp deal. I saw all of Kelly's great reviews and wanted to try her "hard wax." I was verrrry impressed with her professionalism and her cleanliness. She took a lot of time explaining to me her style of waxing, the way she cleans her waxing station...basically anything that is important and sensitive to you as a client, she explains in wonderful detail. You can tell that Kelly takes pride in her work and the way she runs her business. I had a BAD experience with another waxer in SD and was a bit nervous trying it the 2nd time around but shortly after meeting Kelly, you know you were in good hands. I highly recommend her to my friends. I wouldn't say it's 100% painless but there's definitely less pain when you're not walking out with a bruise or skin missing! She doesn't claim that she's the best around but she has great experience to back it up if she ever wanted to. Will definitely be coming back!"
San Diego, CA
"Falling somewhere between a waxing studio and the feel of a spa, Kelly does the best waxing anywhere.  I call it a "service to the sisterhood" and Kelly does it with kindness, compassion, and connection that such intimate services deserve.  Thank you for your sensitivity, Kelly, and your dedicated service."
San Diego, CA
"I received my very first Brazilian wax today and was completely freaked out {about having it done}.  I am a regular waxer, but getting a Brazilian is a whole different ballgame.  With that being said, I was even a few minutes late and was a little harried when I arrived, but Kelly was so sweet and kept me relaxed the whole time.  Not only did she talk me through the entire process, she also made small talk, which really helped through the entire thing.  She said that her waxing method was painless and that it was a slightly longer process (verses going somewhere else and being waxed in 5 minutes).  So, I was bracing myself for excruciating pain for a half-hour.  Instead, she used this amazing hard wax that even smelled like lavender!  I've had hard wax before at other places and the experience was horrible, but at Brazil Appeal Waxing, it was truly painless and I have the lowest pain tolerance on earth.  There was only one teeny tiny pull that had a slight twinge at the end.  She really preps your skin and also preps you mentally, too.  I am now a Kelly devotee.  She is amazing!!!  Before, I would be left red for days following a Brazilian wax, sometimes bleeding, swollen, and sore.  I had none of that today.  At BAW, it is painless and I only believe this because I experienced it.  If you are afraid to take the plunge, do it here!"
La Jolla, CA
"I saw Kelly after having a horrible experience with another esthetician (I was burned which resulted in scabbing).  Kelly had a thorough conversation with me prior to my {Brazilian} waxing about what I expected and what she would deliver.  Despite being 7 months pregnant, I had a very comfortable waxing experience with Kelly.  Although I was more sensitive than normal, I did not leave in pain, nor did I have any residual pain the next day.  Because she takes her time with each client, you never feel rushed, but just plan to take a good hour or so out of your day.  It's not something you can cram into a lunch break."
El Cajon, CA
"I love Brazil Appeal Waxing!  I'm writing this review as a woman with a low to medium pain tolerance.  I came to Kelly's establishment after seeing that she does virtually painless waxing.  My first experience {at another place} was nerve racking, but Kelly makes the whole experience much more tolerable with how nice and reassuring she is.  The results are really worth it!  She is really customer service oriented and makes sure her customers get the attention and service that they deserve.  I would definintely recommend Brazil Appeal Waxing to any and every lady looking to spruce up herself down there!"
Chula Vista, CA
"Kelly is amazing!  I actually got my first Brazilian wax from her months ago, but since I'm just now getting around to Yelp, I thought it would be beneficial to share information about Kelly and her top notch service.  Like I said, it was my first Brazilian ever and I was really scared.  'Pain-free?' Yeah, right, I thought.  But when Kelly says it's pain-free, she really means pain-free!  The only tug I felt was in a very sensitive area, but still it wasn't as bad as say getting your eyebrows tweezed.  I was shocked!  Kelly takes her time and she is so sweet.  She talks to you the entire time and coaches you through not being scared.  Not to mention the fact that everything in the room was lavender scented and very relaxing.  I'm very impressed and plan on making another appointment.  The results last a long time and wow, no lie, this service is worth every penny.  Sanitation is a big issue for me because... hello... we're talking about Brazilian waxing here, but just know that nothing {at Brazil Appeal Waxing} is reused and everything is fresh and wow, just great.  I can't say enough about Kelly and her craft.  As strange as it sounds my wax was a great experience.  Thanks so much, Kelly!"
San Diego, CA
"I admit, I have been cheating... on my waxer.  I've been getting Brazilians for over 3 years now and NEVER have I heard of it to be painless until now!  I visited Brazil Appeal Waxing about a month ago and meeting Kelly was such an amazing experience.  She prides herself in her work and the quality of the hard wax she uses.  I got to know her in the 2 hour session we had and learned she is really caring about her clients and really ethical about her business standards.  The wax was virtually painless and learned that the hard wax she uses does not grasp on your skin like soft spa wax does. It does not rip of a layer of your skin off, thus the pain! My session here was a rather calming experience and Kelly really went the extra way to ensure I was warm on the table and not freezing while half-naked.  She has a level of professionalism that is hard to find.  I have referred her to many more people and look forward to coming back!"
Chula Vista, CA
"Just came back for my "slightly over-monthly" wax over the weekend.  I just can't tell you how much I LOVE Kelly.  Having someone you are so comfortable with makes the experience so incredible.  I literally went from being scared to death of waxing to being so excited to go, no joke.  Once again, the room smelled amazing.  We had such a wonderful conversation which made the time fly right by.  It felt like a friend was helping me out, versus me going there for a service.  She is so accommodating and incredibly sweet.  The key to running a great business is both great customer service and the quality of service provided----Kelly aces both in my eyes.  Because of this I come out specifically to SD every month to get my wax, and I live in LA---says alot.  Thank you Kelly once again!"
North Hollywood, CA
"I was scared to death to get my first wax but after all the great reviews and gentle encouragement from a friend I decided to give it a try. Kelly is fantastic. If I had to rate myself as a client I'd give myself one star; I was anxious and wouldn't sit still and she had to be very patient with me. But she didn't seem to mind and she took it slow and did a great job. A true professional! I knew what she was doing the whole time and she explained it all well. And the end result...WONDERFUL! My husband was very happy and so was I! Will definitely go back again!"
Santee, CA
"I recently moved back to San Diego and found out about Kelly through  Yelp and I can happily say my experience with her today was amazing! I was impressed with her knowledge and expertise about skin health and proper waxes for the best results. As promised by so many on Yelp reviews I had read about Kelly, the waxing process with her was indeed painless. I didn't think it was possible, but with the proper waxing techniques she knows and her variety of waxes, I didn't even feel like I was getting waxed. I would highly recommend her waxing services :) and based on my appointment I wouldn't want to go anywhere else."
Los Angeles, CA
"Ok, so my history of Brazilians has been quite tragic . . . I wish I found Kelly along time ago.  Not only is she incredibly knowledgable, but she genuinely cares about doing it right.  All of the training in the world cannot guarantee that.  Having been traumatized many times previously, I noticed the effort that she makes to create a spa-like environment to offset the damage done by people in her career.  Ladies, I have spent a lot of money to have it done poorly.  This is as painless as it can get and I can personally tell that it is her mission to grow her business by ensuring that this option is out there to us.  It can still hurt like we expect it to, but it can be much better than we imagined. Thank you, Kelly, for caring as much as you do.  It is a rarity to see someone so driven to perfect every nuance every their job."
San Diego, CA
"Kelly is great! She takes a potentially awkward and painful experience and changes it into a pleasant, comfortable painless journey. The final results are beyond imaginable."
Imperial Beach, CA
"You can get waxed in 15 minutes and you can get it for under $65 but you better be immune to pain! Pay a little more and spend some more time and you get a whole lot more! Do you get other treatments for yourself based upon speed or bargain prices? I love it when a small business gives the chain stores a run for their money and this gem of a place does exactly that!  Brazil Appeal Waxing provides an entirely different type of experience for waxing. Kelly's room was a like a little haven and the "oh so good for your skin" numbing, protecting, soothing lotions and oils are all part of her process. After such caring treatment, from beginning to end, I know I can recommend this place to my first timer friends...AND to anyone who wants a quality, private, relaxing place from a well experienced licensed esthetician."
San Diego, CA
"I purchased a Living Social deal from Brazil Appeal Waxing, excited by Kelly's reviews and the appeal of a painless Brazilian wax! I wanted to see Kelly before I left on vacation, but naturally she was booked since the Living Social coupon and Groupons had recently been purchased and I was late to call for an appointment. Like any great business owner, rather than just telling me she was booked, she gave me the name and number of the woman who does her Brazilian's and who she highly recommends. I went to see her waxer since I so badly needed to get waxed before I left for Hawaii, and she was a fabulous recommendation. Once I returned from Hawaii and was due for another wax, I finally got to use my Living Social coupon and met Kelly. Kelly is fantastic. It was my least painful waxing experience ever, as promised, the wax smells yummy, the atmosphere is relaxing and spa-like, comfortable, clean, and most importantly, Kelly makes you feel right at home and perfectly at ease as you bend over for hair removal. As many others have noted, she does not double dip, and is extremely sanitary. She even helps remove ingrown hairs! There is no other like her!"
Del Mar, CA
"I usually get my Brazilians done at Pretty Kitty (and there was this one time at Le Wax -- NEVER again!), but after seeing Kelly at Brazil Appeal Waxing, I'm never going anywhere else. I'm so glad Groupon introduced me to her! Her treatment room is very intimate. She took the time at the beginning of the appointment to make sure there wasn't any reason for her not to wax me (i.e. medications I might be taking or medical conditions). Her attention to detail is excellent and she really took her time during the wax to get every single hair that she could! I didn't feel rushed at all.  Above all -- it didn't hurt! She uses a different type of wax that I'm used to, and there was really little to no pain at all, and post-wax I had ZERO irritation! As far as cleanliness goes, she uses a new stick for every dip and her entire work station was immaculate. My entire experience here was wonderful. The only complaint I can think of is my shoulders started hurting after being positioned on my arms and knees, but honestly I'd gladly endure that pain over having pain "down there!" Be sure to make your appointment in advance because she gets booked up quick! Thanks, Kelly!"
San Diego, CA
"Best waxing experience of my life!  I highly recommend!  I've been getting brazilian waxes for years that were painful and the results were just not that great.  I'm so happy I found Brazil Appeal Waxing.  My first Brazilian with Kelly was such a great experience.  She is so professional and she is an expert at what she does.  The results were awesome and my skin felt so soft afterwards instead of red and irritated, which is what I had been used to.  I will never go anywhere else for waxing ever again." 
San Diego, CA
"Kelly is amazing!  I have never had such a painless Brazilian waxing experience!  She takes her time, and gets every last hair (I usually leave the salon with random stray hairs here and there).  It was the perfect wax before my trip to Vegas... I didn't have to worry about any strays whatsoever.  Thanks, Kelly!"
San Diego, CA
"I had a Brazilian last weekend and everything good that the rest of the reviewers say is true.  Kelly is very professional, took time with me on intake as she asked me a little health history, previous waxing history, previous bad experiences with waxing.  Then she went through the previous concerns and explained why her technique would be different.  
Her room is relaxing, smells wonderful and is clean and bright and very private.  Because she sets her calendar up to space her clients out, there was no one I met coming or going and no one was waiting for service.  She was dedicated to her time with me.  One may feel a bit awkward getting into position for the Brazilian but it's worth it because she's thorough and that's what we all want.  The backside was fairly pain free.  The middle and front were more uncomfortable, but nowhere near as painful as I've experienced with other waxing technicians.   I left completely clean of wax residue or stickiness.  I will tell all my friends about Kelly and her fine service and I will be her customer for as long as she's in business.  I was lucky to be able to fill a cancellation spot but as others have said:  book a couple weeks in advance.  She's popular and for good reason."
San Diego, CA
"I didn't believe a Brazilian could be painless but it was! I was actually extremely comfortable and never felt a bit of pain. I was very nervous being that I didn't have good experiences at several salons specializing in Brazilians. 10 minutes of pure torture was my past experience where I was even told it was my fault because my pain tolerance was too low! Kelly was awesome and I was actually shocked that I barely felt a thing. Kelly took her time with me. I didn't feel rushed. She asked me questions and got to know me a bit before. She also educated me on her products. It had been years since I had a Brazilian because I was so afraid of the pain. I made the rest of my appointments through summer because she does get extremely booked, so that goes to show how great it was. If you want a great Brazilian wax that is virtually painless, Kelly is the girl to see! So happy I found her!"
San Diego, CA
"I'm 7 months pregnant and went to Kelly for a Brazilian because my husband is coming home from deployment.  This was my first wax ever and she made me feel very comfortable and tried to make it as painless as it can be.  She does a very private session and her place is kept nicely.  She also gave me a great price.  I completely recommend her services to anyone."
San Diego, CA
"Let me first just say that Kelly (the owner) is absolutely AMAZING!  I have been a client of Kelly's for almost 2 yrs now, and I refuse to go anywhere else.  I am 7 months pregnant, and still even with all of my out of body experiences and everything being extremely tender and sensitive, my last Brazilian waxing was none the less painless!  Kelly is very attentive to her clients needs, and has took extra care to not use anything on me that while pregnant would irritate me or could be harmful to the baby.  I can honestly say that I have never been to a cleaner, quieter, or more intimate waxing facility then Kelly's. She never over books, and it is only you and her in her office during your appointment.  I definitely recommend visiting her facility."
San Diego, CA
"This was my first brazilian wax in years and to my surprise it did not hurt as other waxes in the past have.  Kelly's technique is top notch and she made me feel so comfortable.  I recommend her to anyone who is need of any type of waxing.  I will definitely be a repeat customer!"
San Diego, CA
"I've had waxes before...They were never really that bad but I have walked out of there with bits of wax still on my skin tugging at me.  I have to say that this is definitely my all time best experience with waxing.  I haven't done a full Brazilian before, I've just had bikini waxes, but after Kelly did it, I'll definitely be going back, and I am no longer scared of it haha.  She was extremely professional, I was instantly comfortable with her.  I've already told all my sisters to go in, now I'll definitely be telling all my friends."
San Diego, CA
"I have always heard nothing but horrible things about getting waxed. I visited Kelly from Brazil Appeal Waxing for my first time when my girlfriend convinced it was the way to go. I can honestly say I wish I would have done this ten years ago. Not only does Kelly make you feel totally comfortable, but it is practically painless. I have referred her since then to my friends and family.  I'm so happy that I can share this hidden gem with them. You wouldn't think that when going to get waxed you get excited and feel like your going to the spa. Yet the spa atmosphere and Kelly's wonderful Spirit make you feel like you get to take a timeout from your life. AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!"
San Diego, CA
"I tried Brazil Appeal Waxing after purchasing a Groupon. Absolutely the best service I've ever received! Clean and sanitary beyond my expectations. Would highly recommend Kelly to anyone!"
San Diego, CA
"Kelly Howarth was, in my personal opinion, the epitome of professionalism. I started going regularly to her at the end of last year, and have always been very pleased with her results. Kelly really takes her time with each client, and makes the waxing experience as enjoyable as possible, making me feel like I completely get my money's worth each time. An added bonus is that in addition to being a professional, I feel like she is an old friend and always enjoy catching up with her each time I schedule a waxing. I have recommended her business to all my friends and would recommend her to anyone getting a wax, especially someone who finds waxing daunting because she instantaneously makes you feel very comfortable and at ease."
San Diego, CA
"I recently moved to San Diego and after doing some research online to find  the "BEST" (spa/aesthetician) for Brazilian waxing in the area I decided to go to Brazil Appeal Waxing based on their reviews.  Yes, there were several spas/aesthetician on here, but Brazil Appeal Waxing caught my eye.  Mind you that making a blind decision based solely on reviews from Yelp and not having a referral from someone you TRUST is very nerve racking especially when your getting something as personal as a Brazilian done.  So I made my choice and hoped for the best.   The best came the day of my appointment when I met Kelly my aesthetician & owner of Brazil Appeal Waxing.  She exceeded all my expectations and I was very happy.   All the RAVE reviews about her on Yelp are TRUE!!!!!!!! She took her time, explained her methods, made me feel very comfortable, and made the whole process as painLESS as possible.  Even though I have done Brazilian wax before, and knew what to expect she still took the time because I was a new client.  

And lets keep it real girls.....finding a GREAT aesthetician to do a job like this for us is very IMPORTANT.  We want to know that we can trust this stranger  who we are so laying so vulnerable in front of.  I was really happy that the first place I tried worked out so well and I continued to go to her.  UNTIL one day when a friend of mine who's getting married decided to have a "spa day"  with her girls  at a local "high end spa" in Mission Valley, mind you a spa that also got rave reviews on Yelp....for which I still till this day can't understand WHY?!  Of course I was nervous to go to another aesthetician but it was a free why not try it out, Right?!

WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WORST experience of my LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!! First of all the aesthetician at this spa was rude, she barely brought herself to say hello to me, let alone introduce herself.   Second she came in and got right to it without explaining what she was doing.  She used a method of waxing I am not used to and voiced that to her she asked me....."then why did you book the appointment, this is how we do it here?"  Second, it was the most PAINFUL experience of my life.  She DIDN'T take her time, she was not delicate, she didn't even listen to my concerns, heck she wasn't even sympathetic to all the pain I was in.  Instead  she told me that she has 20min  to finish this so she has to hurry, hurry, hurry!!! According to her all Brazilians at this particular spa must be done in 20 mins or less....or else.   Wow can you believe they are mandated to RUSH through this kind of about customer service!  She was hurting me so much and when I told her I was in a lot of pain and I was very uncomfortable she told me to......"RELAX! I need to get my job done in a timely manner".  Oh YES people, not only did she raise her voice but once again she expressed that she is on a tight time line.  To top it off she was huffing and puffing the entire time and telling me I am way too sensitive when I told her that I was in a lot of pain, and the wax she was applying was burning my skin.   Last and worst of all she didn't even clean all the wax left behind in all the places you should NEVER have wax left behind!!!!   Lets just say at the end of this procedure I was burned, swollen, and bleeding.  I couldn't walk for 2 days.  

I have always heard of horror stories like this but until that very day I never realized how I should never take a GREAT aesthetician like Kelly for granted.  NOT everyone is KELLY.  NOT everyone cares, takes their time, does a great job, comforts you, and makes sure your okay through the entire process.  Kelly, I promise never to stray again.  Lesson Learned!!!!!  Kelly you are without a doubt the BEST and I had to put this review up because its WELL deserved.
San Diego, CA
"First Brazilian wax ever.  I was not sure what the pain level would be on a scale of 1- 10 I would say 1.  The front part is where it was uncomfortable for me. I like that Kelly is very thorough, informative, professional, sanitary, uses top quality products and techniques to help aid in the protection and recover of your skin.  If you are scared of getting a Brazilian wax I would highly recommended Kelly, she explains everything she is doing and why she is doing it . High recommendation to patronize her business, she definitely deserves it for all her effort in providing a outstanding service and not rushing clients thru. Keep standing Kelly."
Spring Valley, CA
"Kelly is amazing!  If she senses any hesitation on her clients' part, she specifically described each move to ensure that her client is comfortable both physically and emotionally.  My husband purchased this service for me from Living Social and from now on, I will go to Kelly for a wax. Kelly is professional, takes her time to explain the process, prides herself on her cleanliness, and makes sure her client is comfortable at all times. She indicated that she has many years experience."
El Cajon, CA
"Kelly was great! This was my first full Brazilian wax. She was very professional in explaining everything she was doing and the pain was very limited. Plus she's just a great funny lady. Her conversation made the process pass by very quickly. I will definitely be back and recommend her to friends and family."
San Diego, CA
"Kelly is THE Best!  I've been going to another well known "spa" for years, but no more!  I'm so glad I found Kelly. *LISTEN UP*:  Brazilian waxes don't have to hurt! I wish I'd known this sooner! Kelly does not use strip wax and does not double dip. She will take longer than those other "spas" but my wax was virtually painless and WELL worth the extra time. I left there feeling relaxed like I had a true spa experience. She gave me a FREE lip wax with the Brazilian and for the first time ever my lip wasn't red and irritated for the rest of the day. Kelly truly is an expert at waxing and I highly recommend her!"
San Diego, CA
"I heard about Kelly through a friend, and I am SO grateful that I did! It was, by far, the best wax I have ever had. My eyebrows were perfect (which NOBODY has ever done before!! The girl has got SKILLS!). The Brazilian was hardly painful at all. I'm telling a lot of my friends about Kelly. She is a big treasure!"
San Diego, CA
"Kelly is amazing.  I had gone to other waxing salons and until I visited Kelly Howarth I realized I didn't really know what a real waxing was  and neither did the other places I'd visited.  She is sweet, caring, and a professional.  Truly dedicated to her client.  Her knowledge and education and comfort to her client is over the top! She has me for the long-term."
Spring Valley, CA
"Wow! Kelly is awesome and very nice. After coming here for my first Brazilian I am kicking myself for not going sooner. There really was not much pain or discomfort and Kelly walks you through every step so you know what is going on. I will definitely go back!"
National City, CA
"The best waxing expereince I've ever had! Kelly is a professional and and an expert. I have been waxing for several years and have been to many locations all over San Diego, but Brazil Appeal Waxing is by far the most comfortable, hygenic, and yes it was a pleasurable experience."
El Cajon, CA
"Kelly's salon was different from any other waxing salon I've been to! She takes great pride in her work and really knows her stuff!  She takes great care to sanitize everything, every time, and that is MUCH appreciated!  She is very knowledgable about her profession and makes the experience very comfortable! I loved the heated table, the atmosphere, and the results!"
Alpine, CA
"You must get your Brazilian wax done by Kelly at Brazil Appeal Waxing. She is a doll and makes you feel extremely comfortable doing something that would make the average person uncomfortable. The environment is peaceful and extremely clean. Kelly's work is perfection! You can tell that she really takes pride in making you smooth and beautiful down below, eliminating all hairs with none of that plucking at the end to tidy up mistakes. The wax is smells delicious, like fruit and Kelly never double dips the sticks in the wax. My end result was pure perfection! Even the landing strip was completely perfect (I didn't have to go home and fix anything). The process was easy and I barely felt any pain, literally. She is fast when she needs to be and slow where it counts. Don't take my word...go yourself and you'll see what everyone's talking about! It's a rare experience that someone can find when it comes to waxing down below."
El Cajon, CA
"This is as painless as a wax will get! My first experience was agonizing and painful. I was scared to try anybody else, and then I found Kelly. She is amazing. She makes you feel comfortable in every way possible and to top it off, she works hard at making it a painless experience. You won't believe it until you've actually tried it. It is 100 times LESS painful then the regular strip wax. If I could give everyone a free wax just so they could try it I would! You would automatically be hooked and never go back to being in horrific pain again!  Kelly is fantastic and will take care of you."
San Diego, CA
"I went for a brazilian bikini wax and it was not like any other wax I have ever had. It was the LEAST painful wax of any kind that I have ever had. Kelly is very knowledgable about her business, she is genuine and kind. I also purchased the Yelp brazilian deal and I am so glad I did. The prices are a bit higher than other places I have gone, but you get what you pay for! I will always pay more for incredible service and that is what you will get with Kelly!"
San Diego, CA
"Kelly is amazing!  Any female knows that the Brazilian wax appointment is not something we look forward to, in fact most of us dread it.  When I went to Kelly for the first time I was apprehensive, based on previous experience, I was expecting pain.  Kelly is very calming and explains everything as you go.  The experience was different than any waxing I've had before.  She uses hard wax and a specific technique that make this waxing experience uniquely superior by far!  There was ZERO pain!  I will definitely be seeing Kelly for all of my future waxing needs.  The hair is taking longer to grow in and I did not get any ingrown hair as I usually do.  Seriously, stunned by the wonderful experience and results!"
El Cajon, CA
"The Best!  (Lo Mejor!)  Painless! Professional! Pleasant!  Kelly is hands down the best at waxing.... and I've been to many salons, and am very, very picky.  Don't let the outside of this building fool you; don't let the prices intimidate you.... you get what you pay for.  Painless, professional, pleasant."
San Diego, CA
"Kelly is the BEST.  This is the one and only Yelp coupon I have ever purchased and I'm so glad that I did.  Getting a bikini wax is never fun, but Kelly makes it virtually pain free and she has a studio that is relaxing and comfortable.  No more sweaty palms and cancelled appointments because I dreaded going to get waxed.  I will continue to go to Kelly for many years to come.  Thanks Kelly!"
San Diego, CA
"After receiving 9 treatments of laser hair removal on my underarm and bikini areas with no positive results and almost 100% regrowth, I decided to try waxing my underarm area.  I have very fair, sensitive skin and dark hair.  Bad combo.  I researched the idea for days, looking up the best spas/salons, the best applications (hard wax v. strip wax), etc. I found Brazil Appeal Waxing on the Yelp website with ALL 5-star reviews.  So, I called Kelly.  Kelly was very helpful, and very knowledgeable.  She's been in the business for quite some time, and it shows.  I made an appointment that same weekend for an underarm wax. The physical location of Brazil Appeal Waxing is a bit unexpected, but the salon and treatment area is very nice.  Kelly had me fill out a client information card, and went over any questions or concerns she had regarding my history and current conditions.  She explained what she was doing throughout the entire appointment and made me feel at ease. In comparison to the laser hair removal treatments, underarm waxing was a breeze.  There was a little redness following the appointment (as expected), but no long-lasting discomfort.  Kelly was quick and professional.  She knows EXACTLY what she's doing, and she does it well.  Kelly's pricing is worth every penny.  The treatment area is clean and bright.  Kelly is very thorough and very patient.  She addresses all questions, and offers wonderful knowledge and advice.  I had such an awesome experience with Kelly that I booked additional treatments on the spot for my upcoming honeymoon.  I'm definitely looking forward to being hair free for the better portion of our 10-day trip to Hawaii."
Ramona, CA
"Wow! A pain free Brazilian! I didn't ever think that was possible. Kelly does amazing work and she makes you feel relaxed and comfortable the whole time. She's fun and friendly to talk to and you're bound to have some great conversations while you're with her. Her place is very stylish and Kelly is very clean when it comes to all her materials she uses. Overall, Kelly is an amazing esthetician and I will be using her for all my waxing needs."
Alpine, CA
"Amazing! I saw all 5 star reviews and thought that was impossible, but Kelly truly deserves them all! I've never had a Brazilian before, so was hesitant to call anyone, truth be told. First, when I got there (early) she was disinfecting the entire room -- not just changing the bed paper, but cleaning everything in it. Second, she was very friendly and welcoming. She explained the process and what to expect. She was both warm and friendly and a total professional at the same time. Third, the waxing. I expected a Brazilian to be painful. Not so much! It was less painful than having my eyebrows waxed, no kidding!  Kelly took her time, got everything, and didn't charge extra for tweezing as I had seen that some places do.  I had a great experience here, and dare I say that I enjoyed it?!  It was actually very relaxing and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to friends and to go back myself!  Not only did Kelly do her job well, but she made me feel like she truly valued my business. Wish there were more businesses like this!"
La Mesa, CA
"I've had good waxing experiences and bad waxing experiences. This was one of the best. Kelly is very professional. She takes the time to explain every step of the process, eliminating a lot of that potential awkwardness that might go along with a Brazilian. The "studio" is clean and welcoming and smells really good. As for the actual nitty-gritty, I can't say enough good things about the hard-wax technique. It is definitely the way to go for your lady-parts. I have really sensitive skin, and tend to get red and bumpy easily. The last time I got a bikini wax with the strip-wax stuff, I was literally bruised and itchy for weeks. Not what you're looking for with a bikini wax. But Kelly's hard wax, along with her pre-wax and post-wax lotions, left me virtually pain free, and there was no evidence of waxing by the end of the day (I mean, aside from the obvious evidence, but that's what I was going for). I will definitely go back to Kelly for all of my waxing needs in the future."
San Diego, CA
"I've been meaning to write this review since the first time I went to Kelly almost a year ago.  I've been to many places before finding Kelly and now I will never go anywhere else.  All of the other places do not even compare to the service you receive here.  She has mastered the art of making an uncomfortable situation totally comfortable.  Everything is clean, no double-dipping here, and the whole experience is utterly relaxing and virtually painless :)  As a working mom of 2 little ones I so look forward to laying on the warm bed and lavender infused linens, Kelly is professional, takes her time, and truly treats you as if you matter. This is NOT an in/out 15 minute cattle call operation, its the complete opposite.....and THAT makes all the difference in the world.  A huge extra is Kelly offers awesome refer a friend deals!  So even though I would recommend anyone I know to go here for nothing just because it's so great, it is nice that she appreciates your referrals."
San Diego, CA
"There are five stars for a reason.   I went here a few months ago and the true test is not on your first visit, it's when you schedule your next appointment.  This is where you need to be for all your waxing services. The place is clean and Kelly is amazing (especially it being my first time for a Brazilian-full).  The use of the hard wax for me made the difference and sets this place apart."
Woodbridge, VA
"Kelly makes you feel comfortable with her calming room, demeanor and touch. She is very professional and a perfectionist.  She'll get every pesky little hair!  Luckily my first brazilian experience was with Kelly and I can't imagine going to anyone else!"
San Diego, CA
"I have had a Brazilian wax many times before and this is the best one I have had!  It was not painful at all and Kelly makes the experience very comfortable.  My husband says it is the best job I have had!"
San Diego, CA
"Kelly is extremely professional and friendly.  Her place is CLEAN and comfortable.  She did excellent quality work with no pain at all!  I am definately going to be a regular client."
San Diego, CA
"Kelly is amazing! I was in a slight panic when I discovered my usual waxing place closed 3 days before my trip. Then I remembered one of my friends reviewed this place and called Kelly immediately. She was so nice and generous. She knew I was in panic mode and fit me in after her usual closing time. The procedure is as painless as it gets. Definitely coming here again!"
San Diego
"I first started going to Kelly a couple months ago. I have had great experiences with her! My first time was awesome she made me very comfortable. She explained every step of the process and also explained how important safety and health are to her! She never double dips! She carried on a conversation the whole time, which really relaxes you! I also had my eyebrows done here and she did great! I work night shift and she is very helpful and flexible I'm finding times that work for me. She is very sweet and professional!"
San Diego, CA
"I've had many Brazilian waxes before but it had been a couple of years. My previous experiences had been mostly okay, but with lots & lots of pain.  However, I am extremely hirsute and thought that was the price I had to pay.  Kelly changed all that.  This was the first time out of more than a dozen waxes that there was hardly any pain.... it was amazing! With my past experiences I had come to expect that there was a certain amount of hair that did not get removed and again, Kelly changed that perception.  My nether regions were pretty darn smooth (except for the triangle that I requested) and I was impressed.   It has been a couple of weeks now and while the hair is growing back, so far it is not too itchy and no bumps (if you've had Brazilians before you know what I mean). Can't wait for my next appointment.  And who would normally look forward this?"
San Diego, CA
"Ive been to many different Brazilian waxers in the past, but this would definitely be my best experience so far.  Kelly is awesome, super friendly, and gives great customer service.  The waxing is painless, (as painless as a brazilian will ever be) and she is extremely THOROUGH! There won't be any hairs left  behind.  Also, if you refer a friend, you and the friend get $10 off your next waxing!  I highly recommend Kelly! Once you go this route, you will never endure the pain of a normal Brazilian again!"
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