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Aging at Breakneck Speed
A Bumpy Road
Get Off My Back!
Taking A Dip In Murky Waters
Why Bother Getting A Brazilian?


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Aging at Breakneck Speed

I'm really bad at trying to guess people's ages...especially a woman's.  One may think, 'How is that possible since you work with skin all the time?'  Well, it's because most women I see naturally look years younger or they look years older than their real age.
Let's examine why a woman may look years older or what is called 'prematurely aged skin'.
Many of you may think that genetics plays a huge role in how we're going to age.  It actually plays a very small role..

A Bumpy Road

Are you down in the bumps because of your breakouts?  If you're a teen you understand that you have pimples due to rising hormones especially if you're a teen boy.  But what about if you're a woman in your 40's and never had acne as a teen, but now you're experiencing many bumps along the road that you never anticipated?  What's a girl to do?
Well, the first thing you need to understand is that acne doesn't just happen to teens.  In addition, acne can be triggered many ways.

Get Off My Back!

Let's face is challenging on so many levels, but for this article let's just stick to the subject matter of personal (male) grooming.
We ladies all agree that we would like to date a man with clean, kissable fresh breath, straight teeth (okay...that one's mine...but I just have a thing about good mouth hygiene so I suppose I won't be dating a Brit anytime soon) no smelly feet or gnarly grown toenails, no B.O., and no overgrown nose hair that looks as if it's strangling their mustache.

Taking A Dip In Murky Waters

In the beauty biz estheticians have their own lingo which we use on a daily basis...what I call beauty-ese.  One catch-phrase is called "double-dipping" in which an esti uses a wax applicator (either a metal spatula or wooden wax stick) to  re-dip into their wax pot when applying wax onto their client's skin.  It's kind of like dipping your Frito into a dish filled with bean dip, taking a bite, and then re-dipping into the dip.  Now, if it's your own bean dip...

Why Bother Getting A Brazilian?

Many women (especially those of our parents generation and their parents generation) may be wondering 'Why get a Brazilian waxing at all?  What's the point?  And why do you need to remove the hair anyway?' In response to our mothers & grandmothers I say that it's not that a woman needs to get a Brazilian wax.  I mean it's not like food in which we need to survive...although many of you may disagree...especially if you're dating. 
Do we really need ice cream you ask?

There's Chocolate In The Air

Brazil Appeal Waxingis offering decadent chocolate treatments in the month of February for all of you chocoholics out there. Since we specialize inpainless Brazilian waxing for women we thought is was only fitting to offer aChocolate & Roses Brazilian Waxin honor of Valentine's Day.
Yes, ladies...we'll use a real chocolate & roses hard wax to make you feel smooth and clean followed by a soothing chocolate & hazelnut after-wax lotion.  So for those of you lucky women who are gettin' some lovin' at home, your romantic partner will be delighted to discover that you smell just like a Starbucks mocha down south.
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