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We're happy to address the pink elephant in the room...
our Brazilian waxing prices.
We receive many calls from prospective clients asking why our Brazilian waxing prices are higher than most of our competitors.  Actually, our prices are lower than our competitors.  Read on to find out how: 
Most waxing establishments in San Diego (including South Bay, East County, and North County) allocate only 10 - 15 minutes for your Brazilian wax and generally charge anywhere from $40.00 - $60.00 using quick & painful soft (strip) wax.  So when a prospective client sees that Brazil Appeal Waxing charges $65 - $85 they think 'Wow' why do you charge so much more?'  As you will see with the following example, we actually charge less than our competitors and yet you get so much more. How is that? 
Let's say a waxing establishment charges $50.00 for a 10 minute Brazilian wax and services 3 clients within a 45 minute time block which equals $150.00 for that waxing salon.   Brazil Appeal Waxing, on the other hand, spends an average of 45 minutes PER CLIENT for a $65 - $85 charge and 1st time clients also receive $10.00 off!  Using our above example, an assembly line waxing place that costs you $50.00 for your 10 minute Brazilian is actually charging you $5.00 per minute vs. Brazil Appeal Waxing which charges approximately $1.66 per minute (based on a $75 Brazilian wax) and we spend 3 times the amount of time on each client as our competitors do giving you a thorough yet virtually painless Brazilian wax. 
It all comes down to quantity vs. quality.  Most waxing establishments that only spend 10  - 15 minutes per client are more interested in assembly line waxing or what we call "fast food waxing".  So what does that mean?  It means they do the minimal amount required so they can service more people per day to make the most money.  Since this is their mindset, they will remove most of your bikini hair...but not all.  Often times they will leave patches of hair or leave the shorter hairs that often are hidden under the longer hair or leave a couple of long, dark hairs in um...very private places.  What this means for you is an incomplete, rushed, and often painful service. 
Many Brazil Appeal Waxing clients who have come to us have shared that after their 10 minute wax at another establishment they've had to shave or tweeze the areas their waxer missed when they returned home!  That's not surprising because it's almost impossible to remove every last hair safely, thoroughly, and painlessly in under 15 minutes!
Brazil Appeal Waxing thoroughly and virtually painlessly removes all of your bikini hair that the wax can safely grip.  To do this properly, we take 30 - 45 minutes.
It always amuses me when other waxers and waxing establishments brag they can do a full Brazilian in under 10 minutes.  That's like a hairstylist, dentist or plastic surgeon bragging they can do your procedure at breakneck speed.  Who in their right mind would want a procedure or service from those "professionals"?  Shouldn't you expect the same top quality treatments and excellent customer service from your waxer as you do from your hairstylist, dentist, and surgeon?
So to those ladies who think there's a huge benefit to having their Brazilian done in under 15 minutes...I say to go ahead and have the procedure...but at your own risk.  I have been professionally licensed for 18 years and I will tell you that THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO BENEFIT TO HAVING YOUR BRAZILIAN DONE IN UNDER 15 MINUTES!  In fact, the risks to you receiving a 10 - 15 minute Brazilian wax increase greatly.  So what are these risks?  
*Excruciating pain
*Skin removal (equivalent to a 1st or 2nd degree burn)
*Prolonged redness & irritation
*Increased ingrown hairs
*Days of discomfort
*Hair remaining
*Hyper-pigmentation skin discoloration from removal of skin and ingrown hairs
Many waxers who provide a 10 minute Brazilian waxing service usually double-dip.  This means that they re-dip the same applicator back into the wax pot thereby contaminating it.  There is a possibility that clients could contact a variety of venereal diseases or infection from contaminated wax pots as the temperature of the wax would have to be boiling to kill any viruses and/or bacteria.  Knowing this why would any waxing establishment allow their waxers to double-dip their applicators?  The most obvious answer is that they're trying to save time.  It takes less time to use a single applicator on a client than to use a brand new disposable applicator for each wax swipe.
We never double dip at Brazil Appeal Waxing.  A brand new wooden applicator is used for each and every wax swipe as not to contaminate our wax pots.
Another thing to keep in mind about a Brazilian wax done in 10 minutes is the sanitation/disinfection aspect regarding the wax room.  Many waxing establishments don't have spa attendants (spa housekeepers) to clean and disinfect the treatment rooms between clients or at all.  This means that any cleaning and disinfecting is up to the waxer.  So if a waxer is waxing 2 - 3 people every 45 minutes it's unlikely that any significant sanitation and disinfection is being done.  Sure, you're probably going to receive new table paper and the waxer most likely will be wearing brand new gloves for the service.  However, did she wipe down the outside of the treatment bottles with hospital grade disinfectant wipes after the last client?  Probably not.  This means that even though she has brand new gloves, all of that bacteria on the outside of the treatment bottles are now being transferred to your face and/or body.  Yikes!
One of the reasons Brazil Appeal Waxing only accepts a small number of clients per day is because we need time to clean and disinfect everything between clients.  Everything used for each and every client is brand new and/or clean.  This is done to ensure the safety of each and every client.
So what can a Brazil Appeal Waxing client expect?
*Virtually painless Brazilian waxing
*High quality aormatherapy hard wax is used with a protective oil barrier
*All hair growing out of the skin's surface is safely removed
*Ingrown hairs removed at no extra charge
*Any necessary tweezing done at no extra charge
*No skin is removed
*No bruising
*No prolonged redness (lasting more than 24 hours)
*Attention to detail
*No assembly-line waxing
*Fresh linens & towels for every client
*Treatment room is cleaned with hospital grade disinfectant between clients
*Calm, spa-like environment
*Comfortable memory-foam treatment table (warm on cold, chilly days)
*Lavender infused linens
*Complimentary beverages
So give Brazil Appeal Waxing a won't be disappointed.  Please click on "Women's Waxing Treatments" for all of our waxing services & prices.
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