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Does this expression remind you of anyone...

like you during your last Brazilian wax at another salon?

Do you dread your Brazilian waxing appointments or just avoid them altogether because of the pain involved?  Did you know that painful Brazilian waxing can be avoided and is entirely unnecessary?

Wouldn't you rather leave your waxing salon looking like this?

Well, you can if you go to Brazil Appeal Waxing!

There are 5 main reasons why your

Brazilian wax is so painful at other salons:

  1. Your esthetician is using the wrong type of wax
  2. Your esthetician is using improper techniques, has insufficient training, and/or is inexperienced
  3. Your esthetician rushes your Brazilian wax service usually (5-15 minutes)
  4. The wax is too hot
  5. There's a lack of confidence by your esthetician
1.  The Wrong Type of Wax:

There are 3 main types of wax used for Brazilian waxing

  • Soft Wax (also known as Strip Wax) which is used with either a flimsy cream-colored cloth called muslin or a sturdier white strip called pellon
  • Hard Wax which is stripless and is used with or without an oil barrier
  • Sugar Wax (sugaring) which is a mixture of lemon, sugar, water, and honey

Most salons, spas, and waxing establishments use strip wax in their Brazilian waxing service.  The problem with using strip wax in the delicate bikini area is that it hurts like x&#o*!!!!!!!  Have you ever felt like part of your labia or scrotum was ripped off only to be thrown in the trash can along with the discarded wax strips?

Hard wax is generally less painful and provides a more pleasant Brazilian waxing experience, but only if the right type of hard wax is used along with an oil barrier (separate step) and with the proper waxing techniques.

Sugar wax is applied as a paste and is flicked off in a continuous motion which means that the waxer cannot apply pressure (which greatly reduces the pain) so...yeah...sugaring hurts!


So why don't salons & spas use hard wax for the delicate bikini, underarm, and facial areas?  The answer is Cost and Time.  Strip wax is far less expensive to purchase for salon & spa owners and lasts longer than hard wax because not as much product is needed for the service.

Time is the second reason.  Strip wax is a faster method to use vs. hard wax because with strip wax your waxer applies a thin layer of wax to your skin (with no waiting time for the wax to dry), then places a strip on top of the wax, rubs, and rips.  With hard wax the waxer needs to wait for each section to dry before they can remove it.  So, as you can see strip wax is more attractive to use for many salon & spa owners because if it takes less time to wax a client, they can book more clients per hour, and make more money despite your Brazilian waxing service being more physically and emotionally painful.  

At Brazil Appeal Waxing your safety & comfort is our #1 priority.  Only the best hard waxing systems in the world are used to ensure a thorough and virtually painless Brazilian wax.  Our hard wax with unique protective oil barrier (which reduces pain & inflammation, protects your skin from being removed, and allows for a smoother result) is also used on other delicate areas such as the face, underarms, partial breast area, and back of neck.  A high-quality Italian vino soft wax with sturdy pellon strips is used for larger areas such as legs, arms, backs, stomach, outer butt cheeks, and partial chest.

2.  Improper Technique and/or Inexperienced

Another reason your Brazilian wax may hurt is because your waxer is using improper techniques and/or is inexperienced due to the fact that she just graduated beauty school and was never taught the proper technique of how to do a virtually painless Brazilian wax.  You're probably thinking, 'Isn't beauty school the place where students are supposed to learn how to do a proper Brazilian wax?'

So, imagine yourself in a chilly treatment room naked from the waist down with recently graduated Miss Inexperience at the helm and wax all over your vajayjay.  After several unsuccessful and excruciatingly slooooow and painful "attempted" pulls (in which you feel you're ready to pass out or strangle someone as both hands are in the clawed position holding onto the treatment table for dear life) your waxer decides to throw in the towel and calls for "back up".  So, now your lady parts are exposed to more staff in the room looking down at your vagina as if you're some weird science project as beads of sweat drip off you like an NBA player on the court.  Awkward.

In addition to using a high-quality wax system, there needs to be certain waxing techniques used by your esthetician to ensure a virtually painless treatment.  At Brazil Appeal Waxing our waxing specialist has over 24 years of Brazilian waxing experience and has perfected the proper waxing techniques needed to give you a virtually painless Brazilian waxing service.

3.  Wax Temperature Is Too Hot

Many estheticians who use soft wax in the delicate bikini and facial areas often have trouble getting the wax temperature just right...often times the wax too hot and ends up burning the client in the process.  I'm not talking about a first-degree burn which is serious, but a second-degree burn which is deeper and involves removal of skin, scabbing, and/or scarring.  This is just one more reason why soft wax should never be used for the bikini, underarm or face.  Hot wax (whether hard or soft) should never be applied to the skin.  At Brazil Appeal Waxing, our hard and soft waxes are always applied warm to your skin.

4.  Rushed Service

How many of you have experienced a Brazilian wax done at breakneck speed (5 - 15 minutes) which made you feel like you were on a waxing assembly-line from hell?  Well, you were.  Many waxing salons & spas only allocate up to 15-minutes for their Brazilian waxing service.  This is done primarily for one main reason:  To make more money for the salon, spa owner or esthetician.

Unfortunately, this often comes at the physical and emotional expense of the client which  The salons will lure you in with attractively low prices (typically $45 - $65) for a 15-minute service and book you as 1 of 4 clients each hour.  However, 10-minutes is usually the actual treatment time because 5 of those 15 minutes are used for the client to undress and redress and for the esthetician to prep the room for the next client.

But wait!  There's more.  Before you leave, they will try to convince you that you need to come back every 3 weeks to get waxed again...even if your hair is not long enough!  Sorry to blow the whistle on other waxing establishments, but this is just another shameless tactic that many salons, spas, and estheticians tell their clients just so they can make more money at your (painful) expense.

At Brazil Appeal Waxing, we put our client's safety and comfort as the number #1 priority and not dollars.  We take approximately 45 - 60 minutes to give you a proper and virtually painless Brazilian wax in an exceptionally clean and sanitary treatment room.  When you arrive, you will be given a pre-wax consultation and following your service, a post-wax consultation.

And, unlike many of our competitors, we don't rebook Brazilian waxing clients every 3 weeks.  Individual hair growth is dependent on many factors such as genetics, ethnicity, medical conditions, and medications just to name a few.  For best results and to ensure a virtually painless treatment, we recommend your bikini hair to be at least 1/2 inch long or longer.  For some, this could take 4 weeks and for other up to 8 weeks.  Please note that we can wax you at 1/4 inch long, however, you may experience more discomfort at this shorter length as your hair is not long enough for the wax to properly grip your hair down there.

5.  Lack of Confidence

To be an exceptional waxer involves a special and unique skillset in which to have a good waxing result that's also virtually pain-free.  If your waxer is not confident in their skills, they will hesitate when pulling off the wax and/or go too slow and it will hurt!

At Brazil Appeal Waxing, your waxing specialist has the confidence, skillset, and background which includes 23 years of waxing experience to provide you with a professional, thorough, sanitary, and virtually painless Brazilian waxing service.  We also offer other waxing services that are virtually painless as well.  

These days it seems as though there's a waxing salon on every corner, but remember good waxers are in short supply and hard to find.  Plus, we believe you get what you pay for, so we thank you in advance for trying Brazil Appeal Waxing because we know you'll be thrilled with your waxing experience.

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