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Men's Professional Waxing Services Done in a Private Setting

Brazil Appeal Waxing offers personal grooming services a comfortable and private waxing studio instead of a noisy and crowded salon or spa.  Your waxing specialist has over 24 years of experience.  In addition, we've set high standards in which to provide you with the best waxing hair removal treatments in San Diego using superior products and superlative and personalized customer service.

What is Waxing?

Waxing is a temporary, but effective method of hair removal in which the hair is removed from its root.  The one big advantage of waxing is that the hair grows slower compared to shaving.

For those men who get waxed on a regular basis (4 - 8 weeks), some of the hair follicles will begin to die off.  That's why many men choose professional waxing services as part of their personal grooming regimen to rid unsightly hair on their face and/or body.

Many men discover as they age, they find themselves loosing hair on top their head and finding it in their ears and nose.  No worries as Brazil Appeal Waxing can safely, gently, and painlessly remove that unsightly hair so that you'll look and feel more confident in the workplace and in love.

All waxing treatments include and pre/post wax consultation, cleansing, gentle waxing, precision tweezing and/or trimming, and a soothing after-wax tea tree lotion.

"So, this was my first waxing experience.  Kelly was phenomenal.  Her shop is small, but very well kept.  She sat me down and explained things in detail and made me feel very comfortable.  I had my back & shoulders done which was virtually painless.  She takes her time and makes sure everything is done right.  I will definitely be returning."


San Diego, CA

"Kelly, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that your work is far superior to any of the other estheticians I've gone to thus far.  Prior work has always missed something or been less comfortable.  I find myself to be perfectly smooth and didn't experience anything near to what I'd call pain.  You really are quite good at what you do."


Bonsall, CA

"My first visit to Kelly was great.  She made me feel comfortable and she was friendly, professional, and had great customer service.  She takes the time to explain the procedure that will be performed step-by-step.  The best part is that it was painless.  She's meticulous and takes her time.  I'd highly recommend her to male clients."


Chula Vista, CA

Men's Face Waxing

Hello, Handsome!

Our most popular!

Brow, Nose & Ear wax   $95 (Reg. $115)

Are you suffering from separation anxiety over your uni-brow?  Isn't it time for your brows to grow their separate ways?  Our waxing specialist will gently create two brows or just tame your unruly brows and clean them up.  We'll also take care of that unsightly hair growth in your nose & ears.  You'll look more professional and handsome devil!  60-min.

Please note we cannot wax any individual who is currently using or has been using the prescription acne drug Accutane or its generic equivalent in the last 12 months.  Although hair regrowth varies from person to person, most men will need to have waxing every 4 - 8 weeks.

Keep Your Nose Clean

Fed up with painful nose tweezing and weed whacker electronic devices?  If so, then try our painless nose wax treatment that will safely and gently remove that unsightly nostril hair.  Recommended every 7 - 8 weeks.  15-min.


Up To Your Ears in Hair

Is hair growing in places other than the top of your head giving you that werewolf vibe?  If so, let us gently and safely remove that excess ear hair.  30-min.


Take a Brow

We'll trim, tame, and clean-up any unruly brow hairs.  You'll look so nice, you'll want to take a brow!  Unlike the ladies brow wax treatment, your service will be a clean-up only as no design will be involved or brow powder.  Our gentle hard wax will be used.  20-min.


Stick Your Neck Out

Has excess hair runneth over onto your shirt collar in your neck-of-the-woods?  We'll use our gentle hard wax to remove it quickly leaving the back and sides of your neck so smoooth!  15-min.


"During my last visit, Kelly introduced me to the nostril wax.  It was painless and efficient!  If you have nose hair issues, I strongly recommend it.  A few painless pulls are all it takes for cleaner, better breathing nose."

Shelby   San Diego, CA

"I will admit just the thought of getting a nose wax makes me want to faint.  Just plucking one measly nose hair has me in pain for 5 minutes.  I've been bothered by stray nose hairs and thought I'd give Brazil Appeal Waxing a try.  Previous reviews of Kelly's work have been nothing short of great, so I thought I'd 'Man Up' and go for it!  Boy was I ever happy to have it done.  I breathe a heck of a lot better now!  The cost was reasonable and best of didn't hurt!  I was shocked considering how much it hurts to pull one or more hairs out with the tweezers.  Trust me.  Kelly knows what she's doing, and you won't be disappointed in any of her services." 

Patrick        San Diego, CA

Men's Body Waxing

The Baseball Wax

Gentle hair removal from the balls, bat, mound, and dugout.


Our virtually painless male Brazilian wax carefully removes the hair from the perineum (butt crack, but not cheeks), scrotum, base of penis, and mound (optional).  This treatment includes an antiseptic tea tree cleansing, protective oil barrier, gentle hard wax, and a soothing after-wax tea tree lotion.  For best results and least amount of discomfort, the hair down there must be at least 1/2 inch or longer.   45 - 75 min. 


First time clients get $10.00 OFF!

$89  (light hair density)

$99  (medium hair density)

$110 (heavy hair density)


Extra!  Extra!

Waxing Add-On's

$35  (Ingrown hair removal / no waxing involved)  15-min.

$35  (Underarm wax with any Brazilian)

 (Reg. $45)  15-min.


If you're tired of having a hairy ass, our waxing specialist can make your bum as smoooth as a baby's bottom.  This service includes the perineum (butt crack).  30-min.

$45 / $55 


Make your six-pack look even more ripped and slimmer by removing the hair on your abdomen.  15 - 30-min.


$40 / $50

That's The Pits!

Our gentle (men's) hard wax will leave your underarms hair-free for weeks. 15-min.  (Only $30 with any men's Brazilian wax)


$35 / $45

The Right To Bare Arms

This waxing service is for the man who feels he has the right to bare arms.  45 - 60 min.  (Add hands & fingers for an extra $25 (a $5.00 savings!)


$75 / $89

Hand-y  Man

Do your hands & knuckles look more like paws?  No worries.  Our waxing specialist will remove that hair leaving your with a smoother and more professional appearance hands down.  15-min.



Get A Leg Up

There are many advantages to having hairless legs such as hiking, competitive and recreational sports like swimming and cycling, and you're as warm in the hot, summer months.  30 - 90-min.

$125  Full Leg Wax

(sparse/medium hair density)

$145  Full Leg Wax

(heavy/thick hair density)

$99  Upper Thighs

(does not include knee)

$85   Lower Legs

(includes 2" above knee)

$25  (Add Feet+Toes and save $5.00) 

$85 / $145

Put Your Foot Down

This Foot & Toe waxing service is toe-rrrific!  15-min.



Smooth Operator

Full Back & Shoulder Hair Removal


Do you have a Neanderthal back?  No worries.  Our waxing specialist will make you look like modern man by removing unsightly back & shoulder hair.  Our waxing specialist will determine what price applies to you based on the density of hair growth and total surface area.  This service also includes 1/3 upper arm wax.  Please note the longer the hair, the better the result and the less discomfort.  Back waxing is recommended every 8 weeks.  45 - 60 min.


$79 (sparse/light hair density over smaller surface area)

$89 (moderate hair density over average surface area)

$99 (heavy hair density over average/larger surface area)

$20 (add back of neck / a $15.00 savings!)

$40 (lower back only)


Get Something Off Your Chest

Chest hair removal 


Like, for example...chest hair?  This service is for men who like to show off their smooth pecs.  Our waxing specialist will determine what price applies to you based on the surface area and density of your hair growth.  We use a combination of high quality soft wax with super strong pellon strips and gentle hard wax with protective oil barrier for the delicate areas.  For best results and least amount of discomfort, chest hair must be a minimum of 1/2 inch long.  This service does not include the stomach.  30 - 45 min.


$70 (sparse/light hair density over smaller surface area)

$80 (moderate hair density over average surface area)

$90 (heavy hair density over average/larger surface area)

$35 (add abdomen / a $15.00 savings!) 

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