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Face Waxing

Waxing is an excellent temporary method of hair removal which (with regular sessions) can kill the root over time.  Your waxing session will include a pre/post wax consultation, skin cleansing, protective oil barrier, aromatherapy hard wax, precision tweezing, and soothing after-wax lotion.  (Please note we cannot wax any individual who is currently using or has been using the prescription acne drug Accutane in the last 12-months.  If you're using  a topical vitamin A retinoid cream such as  Retin A, Renova or the or Differin on your face, you must discontinue using these creams for a minimum of 3-weeks prior to receiving any facial waxing.  Hair re-growth will vary from person-to-person).

Just Brows-ing

Our precision brow design will frame your beautiful face and make your eyes pop.  30-min.


Stiff Upper Lip

Removing that fuzzy, wuzzy hair from your upper lip will give you a more polished appearance. (Only $10 with any brow and/or Brazilian wax.)  10-min.


Keep Your Chin Up

If you're tired of tweezing those coarse, dark hairs let us remove them from your chinny, chin, chin and jawline.  15-min.



We'll gently remove all of your facial hair from your cheeks, sides of forehead, and sideburns leaving you with smoooth, cheeky skin.  20-min.  (Sideburns only  $25)


Keep Your Nose Clean

Put down those painful tweezers and try our painless nostril waxing instead.  You'll be amazed at the results!  15-min.


In the Neck of Time

In you're uncomfortable putting your hair up because you have excess hair growth on the sides and back of your neck, we'll remove that hair quickly and gently...just in the neck of time.  15-min. 


Put Your Best Face Forward

In addition to giving you a beautiful brow shape, we'll also remove unsightly hair from your upper lip, nose, chin, and cheeks leaving you with a more professional, polished, and pretty appearance.  60-minutes


Body Waxing

Your private waxing session with our skilled waxing specialist will include a pre/post consultation, cleansing, protective oil barrier, our painless aromatherapy hard wax or our premium Italian vino strip wax for larger areas of the body, precision tweezing and/or trimming, and a soothing after-wax botanical lotion.

Our Signature Brazilian Wax

We've built our business on our signature painless Brazilian bikini wax.  We use the highest quality, yet gentle aromatherapy hard waxes with a delicate protective essential oil barrier to give you a pleasant experience with little to no discomfort.  Your Brazilian wax treatment will be sanitary, professional, and thorough.  Our full Brazilian wax treatment removes all the hair from the front & back (including the butt crack).  Our partial Brazilian wax* removes all the hair from the back (including butt crack) and leaves a landing strip or triangle in front.  All Brazilian waxing prices include ingrown hair removal.  (New clients save $10 off their 1st visit!)  30 - 60 min.

$75  Sparse/light hair growth density

$85  Medium hair growth density

$95  Heavy hair growth density over larger area

*Add $5 to any partial Brazilian wax 

For best results, we recommend your hair down there to be at least 1/2 inch or longer.  We can wax you at 1/4 inch, but it will cause more discomfort and you won't get a desired result.

Extra!  Extra!

$35  Ingrown hair removal.  Does not include any waxing.  15-min.


$25  Underarm wax (Reg. $40) with any Brazilian wax  


$10  Happy Trail (trail of hair below belly button) (Reg. $15) with any Brazilian wax  


$15  Happy Trail (trail of hair from sternum down to bikini line) (Reg. $20) with any Brazilian wax  

For best results, we recommend your hair down there to be at least 1/2 inch or longer.  We can wax you at 1/4 inch, but it will cause more discomfort and you won't get a desired result.

Can't See the Forest or the Trees

We're happy to offer out pregnant clients specialized Pre-Natal Brazilian waxing down under without the ouch factor!  Our Pre-Natal Brazilian wax is for hot mamas who desire an aesthetically pleasing delivery.  So, let's not beat around the bush. Unfortunately, by your 7th month you won't be able to see if you have scary, hairy forest-thick overgrowth.  No worries as our waxing specialist will clean you up so that you'll have one less thing to worry about while giving birth.  Extra pillows will be provided for your comfort.  45 - 75 min.


$85    Sparser hair growth density over smaller area

$95    Medium hair growth density over average area

$105   Heavy hair growth density over larger area

*Add $5 to any pre-natal partial Brazilian wax 

Get A Leg Up

Don't, run, run to our waxing studio for silky, smooth legs!  30 - 60 min.  (Hair must be a minimum of 1/4 inch or longer.  The longer the hair, the better the result).

Full Leg Wax - $110 / $130

Upper Leg Wax - $85 (doesn't include knee)

Lower Leg Wax - $70 (includes 2" above knee)

Add Feet & Toes - $20 (with legs)

Feet & Toes - $25 (separately)

That's The Pits!

If you're tired of having a 5:00 shadow and/or irritation from shaving, then this underarm wax is for you.  15-min.

$25 / $40

Up In Arms

This arm wax will give you smoother skin and a more attractive look in sleeveless clothes.  Hair must be 1/4 - 1/2 inch long for best results.  30 - 60 min.

$70 / $85

Give Yourself A Hand

After removing the hair on your hands & fingers, your romantic partner will definitely wanna hold your haaaand.  15-min.

$20 / $25


We take hair removal on this private area seriously.  Hair will be removed from the butt cheeks along with any hair in the perineum (crack) using a combo of vino soft wax and our gentle hard wax with protective oil barrier.  30-min.

$45 / $55

Booby Trap

We'll use our gentle hard wax with protective oil barrier to give you the breast result for this delicate area.    15 - 30-min.

(Nipples only)   $35

$55 / $70

Can't Stomach It

If you can't stomach the hair on your tummy, then let us remove it.  15 - 30 min.


$40 / $50

It's Back There...

If you're referring to the hair on your worries.  We'll remove it leaving the area smoooth & bare with no hair.  15 - 30 min.

$35 / $50

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