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We're Happy to Address the Pink Elephant in the Room...

Our Waxing Prices

We receive calls from prospective clients asking why our Brazilian waxing prices are higher than many of our competitors.  We tell them that our waxing prices are actually LOWER than our competitors.  Read on to find out how...

Why are there such vast price differences for Brazilian waxing?

Most waxing businesses in San Diego (including South Bay, East County, and North County) allocate only 10 - 15 minutes for your Brazilian wax and generally charge an average of $65.00 using quick & painful soft (strip) wax.  So when a prospective client sees that Brazil Appeal Waxing charges an average of $75.00 they want to know why we charge more.  Using the following example (with a fictitious competitor's name) you will be able to see that Brazil Appeal Waxing charges less per minute than our competitors.

Let's say a waxing business (let's call it Fast Food Waxing) charges $65.00 for a 15-minute Brazilian wax.  Brazil Appeal Waxing charges an average of $75.00 for their Brazilian wax (not including 1st time client and other discounts) and takes 45-minutes to complete this service. Using simple math Fast Food Waxing charges $4.33 per minute vs. Brazil Appeal Waxing which charges $1.67 per minute.  

Fast Food Waxing, Inc.

Brazilian wax comparison

  • 15-minute Women's Brazilian wax               $65.00
  • $4.33 per minute
  • Soft wax with painful Muslin strips are used
  • Most...but not all of the bikini hair removed
  • Ingrown hairs may not always be removed
  • Tweezing of stray bikini hairs may not be done 
  • Bikini area usually left red & tender for days
  • Brazilian wax is usually painful
  • This company's Brazilian waxers have less than  2 years experience with high employee turnover
  • Questionable sanitation & disinfection of the treatment room between clients
  • Except for spa music, there are no other extras
  • Cold treatment room with uncomfortable bed
  • Chaotic vibe throughout salon with noisy hairdryers
  • Assembly-line rushed Brazilian waxing service seeing 20+ clients per day

Brazil Appeal Waxing, Inc.

Brazilian wax comparison

  • 45-minute Women's Brazilian wax               $75.00
  • $1.67 per minute
  • High quality hard wax & protective oil barrier is used
  • All of the bikini hair removed (incl. inner thighs)
  • Ingrown hairs always removed
  • Tweezing of stray bikini hairs removed at no charge
  • Bikini area has no redness and is not tender
  • Brazilian wax is virtually painless
  • Brazil Appeal Waxing's wax specialist has over 23 years of waxing experience
  • Treatment room is thoroughly sanitized & disinfected between clients
  • Complimentary beverages & treats
  • Perfect temp room with memory-foam heated bed
  • Private, quiet spa-like environment 
  • Personalized Brazilian waxing service accepting up to 6 clients per day

So why do waxing salons take only 15-minutes for a women's Brazilian wax and Brazil Appeal Waxing takes an average of 45-minutes?

It all comes down to quantity vs. quality.

Most waxing salons that spend 15 minutes per client for a women's Brazilian wax are more interested in assembly-line waxing or what we call "fast food waxing".  What does that mean?  It means they do the minimal amount of hair removal so they can service more people per day to make the most money.

Since this is their mindset, they will remove most of your bikini hair, but not all as they simply don't have enough time before the next client arrives to be thorough with your service.  Often times your esthetician will leave patches of hair or worse...leave several long hairs in um...very private, dark places.  What this means for you is an incomplete, rushed, and often painful service.

Many Brazil Appeal Waxing clients who have come from other salons have shared that following their "fast food waxing" they've needed to tweeze and/or shave the areas their esthetician missed when they returned home!  That's not surprising since it's almost impossible to remove every last hair safely, thoroughly, and painlessly in under 15-minutes.  Brazil Appeal Waxing thoroughly and painlessly removes all of your bikini hair (that our wax can safely grip) in 45 - 60 minutes.

Some waxing salons shamelessly brag in their advertising or on the phone that they can do a full women's Brazilian wax at breakneck speed (under 15-minutes).  

A word to the wise:  To all those ladies who believe there's a huge benefit to having their Brazilian wax done in under 15-minutes...I say go ahead then and have the service...but at your own risk.

I have been professionally licensed for 23 years and I will tell you that THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO BENEFIT IN HAVING YOUR BRAZILIAN WAX DONE IN UNDER 15-MINUTES!

In fact, the risks to you receiving a 15-minute Brazilian wax increase greatly.  So what are these risks?

The Risks

of getting a 15-minute

Brazilian wax:

  • Excruciating pain
  • Being burned
  • Skin removal (equivalent to a 1st or 2nd degree burn)
  • Bruising
  • Prolonged redness, tenderness, and irritation
  • Days of discomfort down under
  • Increased ingrown hairs
  • Hyper-pigmentation (brown marks)
  • Hair remaining

Anything Else I Should Know About the 15-minute Brazilian Wax?

Many estheticians who provide a 15-minute women's Brazilian wax usually double-dip.  This means they re-dip the same applicator back into the wax pot thereby contaminating it.  This is serious because there is a risk that a client could catch an STD (sexually transmitted disease).

And to all those estheticians (who moonlight as infectious disease doctors) claiming that the temperature of the wax will kill all bacteria and/or viruses in the wax pot...well, think again.  The wax would need to be boiling to kill any viruses and/or bacteria.

The second reason estheticians shouldn't double-dip is the obvious gross factor.  Who wants to be waxed using a contaminated wax pot that is essentially a petri dish of bacteria, dead skin cells, body oils, fecal matter, and that lovely lone pubic hair floating at the top?  Yikes! 

Why would estheticians double-dip their applicators?  Because it saves money & time for the salon & spa owner.  It takes less time to use a single applicator on a client than to use a brand-new disposable applicator for each swipe.  At Brazil Appeal Waxing, a brand-new wooden applicator is used for each and every wax application as not to contaminate our wax pots or put our client's health at risk.

One more thing worth noting...

Waxing businesses who book Brazilian waxing clients every 15 minutes rarely have the time to thoroughly clean and disinfect the treatment room properly.  Yes, you the client will get a clean modesty towel and pillowcase and your waxer will have on brand-new gloves, but were the outside of those treatment bottles wiped down with disinfectant following the last client?  Probably not.  And that's where most of the invisible creepy crawlies (bacteria, fecal matter, dead skin cells, oil) congregate.  Yikes!!!

Most waxing businesses don't have spa attendants (spa housekeepers) to clean the treatment rooms so most if not all the cleaning is left up to the esthetician (waxer).  So as you can see, if a waxing business books clients every 15-minutes there's little time for the esthetician to properly clean the waxing room for the next client.  Scary stuff, folks!

At Brazil Appeal Waxing our clients are booked with enough time in between (15-minutes) to properly clean, sanitize, and disinfect the treatment room.  Even the chair where clients leave their clothes and door handles are disinfected!  These cleaning protocols have always been in place since Brazil Appeal Waxing opened in 2010, however, we discovered that people really appreciate germaphobe people like me during a pandemic.

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