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About Your Waxing Specialist

Brazil Appeal Waxing, Inc. is owned and operated by California Licensed Esthetician, Kelly Howarth.  Kelly has been taking care of her skin since age 10 and waxing since age 13.  She has worked in various day spas, salons, medical spas, and plastic surgery offices.  She has been a CA Licensed Esthetician for 24 years.

Kelly became increasingly frustrated by waxing & skin care salons who failed to meet her high standards of superlative customer service, cleanliness, and attention to detail.  She discovered that most spas & salons only offered quick, painful, assembly-line waxing or as Kelly calls it "fast food waxing" with questionable sanitary/disinfection practices.

Kelly's solution was to open Brazil Appeal Waxing in 2010 which continues to be one of the most successful waxing businesses in San Diego.

More Kelly Info...


CA Licensed Esthetician since 1999

License # Z28418


Professional Background in Medical Esthetics


Former Waxing & Skin Care Instructor 


Kelly's Other Passions...

In addition to esthetics, one of Kelly's other passions is writing. She loves to write stories, poetry, songs, and (not surprisingly) skin care brochures:)  Her hobbies include reading non-fiction books, watching movies & documentaries, arts-n-crafts, gardening, and baking. She also loves helping others and gives back to the San Diego community throughout the year with food donations, our December Sock-A-Thon in which brand new socks are collected for our homeless community, and donations to animal organizations.

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