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10 Reasons

Why Brazil Appeal Waxing​ is the Best Waxing Salon in San Diego

1.  Painless Brazilian Waxing

We specialize in virtually painless Brazilian waxing for men & women.  'Nough said.

2.  Strict Sanitation & Disinfection Protocols

Our treatment room is kept very clean as its sanitized & disinfected between clients instead of at the end of the day.  You'll never have to worry about walking on icky, sticky, waxy floors or looking up at dust bunnies hanging from the corners or stained ceiling tiles from last season's rain showers.  Our treatment room is also free of baby powder residue unlike other waxing salons which appear as if a baby powder bomb went off.  We don't have wax dripping all over the sides of our wax pots or worse...a pubic hair stuck to the wax pot...yikes!

We use only brand new, disposable wooden wax sticks for every application of wax and we never double-dip our wax sticks (so gross).  As a result, our wax pots are not contaminated by other clients' bodily secretions, fecal matter, dead skin cells, oil, dirt, bacteria or other creepy crawlies that are best left to the imagination.

3.  The Glove Test

Our waxing specialist is always gloved up for your protection and peace-of-mind using non-latex, medical grade gloves. Please note that facial waxing is always done first before any body waxing as to not transfer any bacteria to the client's face.

4.  Seeing Red

Have you ever had a Brazilian wax or facial waxing that left you seeing red for more than 24 hours?  At Brazil Appeal Waxing you will never need to bring out the old ice pack or frozen peas from the freezer to reduce any prolonged redness.  You may experience a slight pinkish hue following your waxing, but it should be gone within a few hours and your skin will return to its normal color.  With our lip, brow, cheek, and other face waxing your redness is usually gone by the time your treatment is completed.

5.  Cold As Ice

There's nothing worse than having a waxing session in a cold treatment room...except having a painful waxing session in a cold room.  Our treatment room is not too hot and not too cold, but always a comfortable 73 degrees.  We even warm our treatment table in the chilly months so that your buns are kept toasty warm.

6.  Precision Brow Design

If you're looking for a quick, assembly-line brow waxing service in which your head hangs over the shampoo bowl where hot soft wax is applied then (rippppped off...sometimes with skin attached) in under 10 minutes then our 30-minute brow design service is not for you.

We specialize in beautiful brow design that will frame your lovely bone structure and make your eyes pop.  That means we take our time to do it right with no bruising or skin removal.

7.  Can't See the Forest...

or The Trees

We're happy to offer pregnant clients our specialized pre-natal waxing down under without the ouch factor.  Our Brazilian waxing is for hot mamas who desire an aesthetically pleasing delivery all the way around.

So, let's not your 6th month you won't be able to see your scary, hairy forest thick overgrowth.  No worries.  Our waxing specialist will clean you up so that you'll have one less thing to worry about when giving birth in front of a delivery room audience not to mention that invasive camcorder or up close & personal.  

8.  Superlative Customer Service

At Brazil Appeal Waxing you will experience old-fashioned superlative customer service with every visit.  You will always be greeted warmly and offered a complimentary beverage.  In addition, your service will not be interrupted by your waxer answering her phone to conduct other business.

9.  Lots o FREE Parking

Have you ever found yourself arriving early for your waxing appointment, but ultimately being late because your found yourself going round-and-round the block for 10-minutes looking for any street parking and the only parking you could find was a block away...and it's raining? Or you had to pay for parking?  Brazil Appeal Waxing is located inside a large office building with a large, FREE parking lot to match.

10.  $10.00 Savings

on Your 1st Visit!!!

New Brazilian waxing clients will SAVE $10.00 OFF their 1st visit to Brazil Appeal Waxing!!!  It's just our way of saying, "Thanks!" for trying us out.

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