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Client Raves

Check out what our clients have to say about Brazil Appeal Waxing...

As an African-American & Puerto Rican woman, I was very apprehensive about trying another waxing place in San Diego since I had already been to 4 places and had horrible experiences with all of them.  Kelly is amazing and her Brazilian waxing services are painless.  Kelly's salon is clean, quiet with no waiting...a truly personal experience and definitely worth the cost.  

Autumn - San Diego, CA

Best Brazilian wax ever!  I've gone to the Pretty Kitty before and I seriously have been deathly afraid of ever get waxed again!  A year later I gave waxing another chance (at Brazil Appeal Waxing).  Kelly did such a great job!  Her technique is flawless and she's very professional.  I'll never go to anyone else again.  Virtually painless compared to Pretty Kitty and she even has a warm bed for your tush!  Love it!

Claudia - Chula Vista, CA

Kelly is the absolute best!  I was feeling a bit skeptical when I heard of this 'painless Brazilian wax' because it seemed impossible!  I have heard horror stories from my friends about their waxing experiences elsewhere and mine was nothing short of amazing!  Kelly uses hard wax which is completely different from soft (strip) wax and I'm telling you, it does not hurt.   She will make your feel very comfortable and you will truly feel like you are in the hands of a very talented professional.

Brittany - San Diego, CA

I found that other estheticians I've used for Brazilians painfully pulled and cared little for what I was feeling...rather the mentality was that a quick and painful method would bring in more daily visits translating into more money.  Kelly, on the other hand, was a complete surprise.  Not only is it virtually painless, but her method gets to the root and therefore my hair growth is slower.  So while her method may take a bit longer and I pay more per visit, I don't have the pain and discomfort every 4 weeks.  I now look forward to my Brazilian waxing.

Diane - New York, NY

A virtually painless Brazilian?  I never thought it would be possible until I met Kelly!  I've never felt so relaxed while getting waxed down there until I went to Brazil Appeal Waxing.  The room felt like a spa when I walked in and smelled like lavender Heaven!  I could've fallen asleep.  It was THAT comfortable.  I've had very painful waxes done at different places and this time I think I've finally found the perfect place for me.  Now, c'mon you're getting a wax so there's got to be some kind of pain , but this was as painless as it can get.

Trisha - San Marcos, CA

I've gotten waxed at different places and none of them compare to Brazil Appeal Waxing and it's painless, too.  I have super sensitive skin and never once have I flinched in pain or got those horrid bumps after a waxing.  Kelly is the owner and is very friendly and makes you feel comfortable.  I'm always relaxed once I leave her place and I didn't even get a massage.  If you want a spa feel please check out Kelly at Brazil Appeal Waxing.  You won't regret it.

Karrie - Santee, CA

Kelly of Brazil Appeal provides the best waxing service I've ever experienced, hands down.  She not only lives up to her promises as being particularly painless, but it is extremely clean.  She never double dips and the wax she uses is high quality.  I especially appreciate her service now that I am pregnant.  I can't imagine going to see anybody else for Brazilian waxing.  The fact I can receive a painless waxing from her during his pregnancy is priceless.  Thanks, Kelly!

Heather - San Diego, CA

Men...enough with the shaving!  Kelly is the best for waxing.  Went to her for the first time after not being happy with another waxing place I used to go to.  Although her prices are a bit higher, it doesn't hurt...seriously, doesn't hurt.  That's got to be worth a little extra.  Kelly's great at her craft and knows what she's talking about.  Very knowledgeable and I can say, without a doubt, you will feel good about yourself after your appointment.  I know this sounds like an advertisement, but it's all true.  Try'll like it.

Larry - San Diego, CA

Kelly kept me relaxed the whole time.  She said that her (Brazilian) waxing method was painless and that it was a slightly longer process (verses going somewhere else and being waxed in 5 minutes).  So, I was bracing myself for excruciating pain,  Instead, she used this amazing hard wax that smelled like lavender!  I've had hard wax before at other places and the experience was horrible, but at Brazil Appeal Waxing, it was truly painless and I have the lowest pain tolerance on earth.  Before I would be left red for days following a Brazilian wax, sometimes bleeding, swollen, and sore.  I had none of that today.  At BAW, it is painless and I only believe this because I experienced it.  If you are afraid to take the it here!

Melissa - La Jolla, CA

I saw Kelly after having horrible experience with another esthetician (I was burned which resulted in scabbing).  Kelly had a thorough conversation with me prior to my Brazilian waxing about what I expected and what she would deliver.  Despite being 7-months pregnant, I had a very comfortable waxing experience with Kelly.  Although I was more sensitive than normal, I did not leave in pain, nor did I have any residual pain the next day.  Because Kelly takes her time with each client, you never feel rushed, but just plan to take a good hour out of your day.  It's not something you can cram into a lunch break.

Christine - El Cajon, CA

You can get waxed in 15 minutes and get it for under $65, but you better be immune to pain!  Pay a little more and spend some more time and you get a whole lot more!  I love it when a small business gives the chain salons a run for their money and this gem of a place does exactly that!  Brazil Appeal Waxing provides an entirely different type of experience for waxing.  Kelly's treatment room was like a little haven with protecting, soothing lotions and oils.  After such caring treatment from beginning to end I know I can recommend this place to my first timer friends AND to anyone who wants a quality, private, relaxing place from a well-experienced esthetician.

Sherry - San Diego, CA

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